Welcome, Friends!

I admit I made this site initially out of fatigue over hearing all of my friends beg me to blog for the last decade or so.  Have you noticed when your friends think you're funny (aka, intensely weird) they immediately insist you start a blog?  Why is that?  I have a theory it's so they can show it to other people in their life as evidence of your madness and to lend credence to their stories about you, all "SEE!  I told you girlfriend was batshit crazy!"  

But since we're here, let's also make something useful among the quirkiness, shall we?

My hope for this site is to share things that inspire me, things that make me wonder, dreams, wild successes, epic failures.  Life, in a nutshell.  A newer part of my life over the last few years has been a gradual transition to more natural living.  Not like, eat nothing but sprouts while I sit on my organic, locally sourced, artisinal hemp sofa, but just making some manageable and meaningful changes to clean up my act and limit my toxic burden.  That has evolved into a mission to do my small part to provide a space for unbiased and bullshit free essential oil education in my Facebook group by the same name. (Check out the EO Education link in the header to join and view my group)  I have a passion for the products, but I suffer no fools.

And yes, yes, I promise dear friends that I'll be weird and funny and make you slap your significant other to show them look!  Look!  That nutty girl I told you about DOES exist!  

Be careful what you wish for, my loves.

My nickname is T Rex due to my withered, vestigial forelegs.  (Aka I can't do pushups.)  Even on my wedding this proved true!

My nickname is T Rex due to my withered, vestigial forelegs.  (Aka I can't do pushups.)  Even on my wedding this proved true!

...you're still here?  Are you looking for clarity or deeper understanding into who would have such a random assortment of content on a site?  I fear you may leave with more questions than answers, but that's what contributes to my mystique, right?  

If you must know more - 
Loves: my huge and utterly insane Italian/Sicilian family, travel, carbs, science/research, beagles (they are THE cutest dogs and I will not hear otherwise), helping people find wellness through my work or with exploring a more natural lifestyle, the ocean, whiskey

Hates: willful ignorance, velvet, injustice in the world, monkeys, 40-hr work weeks, that my husband says we can't have ALL THE DOGS