Are you smitten like a kitten with the notion of jumping feet first into your own version of a natural lifestyle? It is a terribly exciting prospect, and much more fun than other good-for-you things like eating kale and going to the gym.  If you'd like to join the Young Living community as a distributor so you can have full access to their staggeringly large array of wellness products, this is your moment!  Only distributors get the full wholesale rate of 24% off retail prices, and you know what?  You don't have to distribute a darn thing.  If you want that discount just for yourself, you self-serving smarty, do it friend.  But if you do want to dabble in the biz that is always an option (but never a requirement).
Take a look at the Taking the Leap with YL page for details on your options to get started, and then go to my sign up link, pick your kit, and off you go!  I'm ALWAYS here for you to support you on your wellness journey.  If nothing else we can mutually gag together over steaming bowls of kale about how annoying the phrase "wellness journey" is.


What if you want in on some of these delightful products but don't want to sign up as a member/distributor at this time?  As long as you can reconcile the notion that you'll be paying a bit more, you are more than welcome to order anything your heart desires through me.  Take a look at the YL product pages to browse their wares and feel free to contact me to place an order.